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Freedom Reading with Talisman Bracelet


Have you had trouble with…

• fulfilling your dreams and achieving your deepest soul's desires and life purpose

• achieving the financial security you are meant to have

• discovering and leveraging the fabulous talents and spiritual gifts inside you, to prosper financially.

What if I told you that your chakras hold the secret key to change your life and attain your goals? Together, we can work to uncover the root cause, address it, and get you on the path to resolving it.

Package includes:

A live 60-minute reading and discovery session via internet call (skype/fb messenger).

A custom built meditation plan to heal the imbalances caused in your chakras, emailed to you.

A custom-made shakti infused talisman bracelet for you to draw strength from when tackling your chakra issues (see description below).



I believe that there is a solution, a guidance for every situation we face in life.
For every situation you are struggling with, I am here to help you manifest its energies in a positive way.

The result for you will be a new reality that highlights your talents and allows you to shine.

You know what they say about “no pain, no gain”. I am here to guide you and help you overcome the pain, and flourish. Because you deserve to.

Shipped to:

A custom-made shakti infused talisman bracelet for you to draw strength from when tackling your chakra issues.

A bracelet made especially for you, to connect you to your chakra’s energy and to focus on when meditating. The bracelet is made with a combination of up to 3 different types of natural earth crystals with the intention of helping you resolve the chakra issues we have uncovered. The natural energies of the crystals are then amplified with Shakti energy and blessings to assist you on your journey to prosperity.

Please take note:

This Session is NOT for you if:

1. You are looking for a psychic reading to tell the future. You are the one who creates your path, in collaboration with the Divine Mother. I will offer you intuitive and channeled guidance to help you create your own outcomes.

2. You are content to stay in your comfort zone and unwilling to try new things. If you’re not willing to take the steps that the Divine Mother guides us to, what’s the point, right? I’m not here to entertain you. I’m here to help you pinpoint your obstacles and guide you in overcoming them.

3. You want to be told an exact outcome. I will give you guidance and help you to step up into your own power to make confident decisions and take action as necessary in order to become more of who you are meant to be. It’s a joint effort between you, me and the Divine Mother. The outcome depends a lot on what you are willing to put into action based on the information and healing that come through.

4. You want me to solve your problems for you and give you all the answers. This reading is to support you in solving your problems and to help you to get your own answers. Yes, guidance and lots of information will come through. And. With these readings, nothing in your life will change unless you take action.

Even with the information you receive from this particular guide or reading, you have the power and the free will to change any of it at any time. Nothing is set in stone. Always trust your own instincts, verify for yourself what is true for you. None of this information is a substitute nor replacement for any medical, health, counseling or other appropriate support. By law I am required to state it is for “entertainment” purposes. Always seek professional advise and help if you are in need.