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Goal Manifestation Spread


7 card spread answering the below questions. Emailed to you as a PDF for your ongoing reference. When placing your order, please enter your date of birth and the goal you’re trying to manifest, in the Notes section of the Checkout page.  I may email you to request a photo of you to deepen our connection when I read for you. Your reading and information is kept confidential at all times.

• Where am I now in relation to my Goal?
• How am I in relationship to my Goal?
• What do I need to release?
• What do I need to grow?
• What steps can I take?
• What lesson will I need to master?
• What may I experience over the next 3 months in relation to my Goal?



Even with the information you receive from this particular guide or reading, you have the power and the free will to change any of it at any time. Nothing is set in stone. Always trust your own instincts, verify for yourself what is true for you. None of this information is a substitute nor replacement for any medical, health, counseling or other appropriate support. By law I am required to state it is for “entertainment” purposes. Always seek professional advise and help if you are in need.